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Symphony Encore

Nils Hörrmann

Over the last ten years, we have been using Symphony CMS for nearly every project on the web that needed a content management system. After being involved in developing the admin interface for a few years, we started exploring new shores: JavaScript-based frameworks, stuff that pretends to make things easy for front-end people, even designers like us. You’ve heard all the names.

While refreshing an old project, we came back to Symphony just to find out again how great it is. It doesn’t reinvent the wheel, it just works although it of course has its quirks as well. And it’s still a good choice for modern website and webapps.

So what’s the state of the system?

The Symphony team underwent a lot of changes over the past years: core developers moved on to other projects, some rejoined the team later on. While the forum is very quiet these days, there is still an active group on Github and Gitter.

Just a few days ago, Brendan Abbott posted a Gist of ideas how to modularise and modernise the system while keeping its core strengths:

I think, these ideas should be shared and discussed with a wider audience:
A modular approach for Symphony

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