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Faltpläne in Wickelmappe. Foto.

7 Mary Street

My late grandparents’ home, a treasury of many lives. Four folding maps, uniting a house and interwoven memories. Diary entries by four generations shape the typographic floor plans, ranging from my great-grandfathers’ solid fundament to the airy attic strung together by my own memories.

Halb aufgeschlagene Karte. Foto.

Intermediate diploma project in communication design at Braunschweig University of Art, supervised by Prof. Ulrike Stoltz and Prof. Klaus Paul, 2005/2006.

Publication and Exhibition

This work was featured in Ulrike Stoltz’ publication “Kreuz & Quer / Hin & Her” on zapping or non-linear reading in books as part of the chapter Topography/Cartography, titled as Memory.1 I’m delighted to see 7 Mary Street in such good company as the diploma projects “Bild und Wirklichkeit” by Vera Grönegress and “Topoi” by André Baumunk.

1Ulrike Stoltz: Kreuz & Quer / Hin & Her. Zappen bzw. nicht-lineares Lesen im Buch. Ein Kaleidoskop, Offenbach am Main und Braunschweig 2011, p. 224–228

The four maps of 7 Mary Street – as well as Memorabilia – could be seen as part of the exhibition “Jedes Buch ein neuer Anfang. Eine Anthologie aus 25 Jahren Unterricht in Typografie und Buchgestaltung.”, an anthology spanning 25 years of teaching typography and book design curated by Ulrike Stoltz at the Klingspor Museum Offenbach am Main, March 2 to April 30, 2016.

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German, English
“Dolly” by Akiem Helmling, Bas Jacobs and Sami Kortemäki (Underware)
Munken Pure
Linen with Embroidery
screen printing, digital printing (Braunschweig University of Art)
4 Copies
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