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Lebenslinien / Mapping my Family

A collection of traveling maps that are handed on from loved one to loved one, uniting a family’s locations, anecdotes and paths of life. As a family atlas, Memorabilia can inspire exploration, spark memories, treasure our families’ history and pass it on. This is where I’m mapping my family.

We found you! This map has traveled to you to tell you something about our families and ask you about your story. Open the map, leave your mark and share your journey of life.

Based on my families’ present paths of life, I developed folding maps of Germany, Europe, North America and the world. Each map is enclosed in a folder providing bilingual texts which introduce the unsuspecting recipient to the project and offer step-by-step instructions to participate. Reusable envelopes make it easy to forward the map. A binder stores blank maps as well as the ones that have returned.

Screenprinted form, stamped ID numbers and dates and handwritten map themes. Photo.
Figure Detail of Table of Contents
Screenprinted blue index board. Photo.
Figure Open binder with hanging folders
Figure Folder with map of Europe
Blank map with capital cities and border lines with hatched shading. Photo.
Figure Map of Europe, Detail
Mailer, blue index board with striped bakers' twine. Photo.
Figure Reusable envelope with string and button closure
We are the mapmakers. Screen-printing on blue index board. Photo.
Figure Back cover detail of traveling map with itinerary

Accompanying the map series, a project website could be accessed to log and track the maps’ itinerary on a world map.

Diploma thesis in communication design at Braunschweig University of Art, supervised by Prof. Ulrike Stoltz, Prof. Klaus Paul and Dr. Arne Zerbst in 2009.


One copy of Memorabilia – as well as 7 Mary Street – could be seen as part of the exhibition “Jedes Buch ein neuer Anfang. Eine Anthologie aus 25 Jahren Unterricht in Typografie und Buchgestaltung.”, an anthology spanning 25 years of teaching typography and book design curated by Ulrike Stoltz at the Klingspor Museum Offenbach am Main, March 2 to April 30, 2016.

project management
graphic design
German, English
FF Tisa” by Mitja Miklavčič (Fontshop), “ITC Officina” by Erik Spiekermann and Ole Schäfer (ITC)
Munken Lynx, CartaTyp RC index board
screen printing, digital printing (Braunschweig University of Art)
4 Copies
Project Timeframe