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Das neue Lesen: The Guardian

Nils Hörrmann

Last autumn, British newspaper The Guardian released its own iPad app. Quite late as one could say, but the developers took their time for a good reason: in my eyes, this is the first truly convincing daily newspaper app created for the iPad.

The iPad version came with a generous testing period that ended early this year, making it possible to really get an overview over a longer span of time. The app’s design is modern, fits the device and does not try to imitate the paper version. Nevertheless, the Guardian’s visual style is maintained by sticking to the well-known colour scheme and font selection. All articles reside on pages side by side, the content itself is scrollable – wonderful!

A detailed review of the app with screenshots and background information has been posted by the Ministry of Type. Aegir Hallmundur summarises it perfectly:

The simplicity and straightforwardness of the Guardian app is (like its iPhone version before it) going to stand for quite a while as the acme of how these things should be done.