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Vanilla Web Design

Designing with Browser, Git and Kirby. Johanna Hörrmann

We were invited to give a talk as part of the (German language) BDG-Feierabend on air” series by our professional association of communication design, the BDG.

Translated from the introductory text on the BDG website:

Vanilla Web Design

Designing with Browser, Git and Kirby.

Why work with Git as designers? Why value the browser as the most important app? And why use Kirby as content managment system?

Johanna and Nils talk about how they use their tech stack of browser, text editor, Git and Kirby CMS for detail-oriented web design. They explore project workflows, processes and systems from design concept and drafts to sustainable implementation.


A recording of our February talk is now available on the BDG website and directly on Vimeo. Again, it’s in German – but do take a peek nonetheless!

Illustration of vanilla ice cream in a cone with logos of Git, CSS3 and Kirby CMS as wafer cookie toppings, next to a photo of Johanna and Nils Hörrmann.
Figure Vanilla Web Design: Talk on Vimeo (in German)